Curriculum Case Studies

Client: Wirral Primary Schools - Bitesize Sessions

Brief: To provide a high quality KS2 Science CPD package to hi-impact schools. Our Science & CPD Consultant put together a comprehensive CPD programme designed to provide ideas, activities, resources and teaching strategies for delivering the KS2 Science Programme of Study. The programme was delivered at hi-impact HQ in 90 minute “bitesize” sessions over a 10 week period, with each session focussing on a different topic/year group. This allowed schools to send the teachers that would most benefit from the CPD.


'The sessions were engaging and helped me understand how to make my science lessons engaging and memorable for the children.'

'The sessions gave me a bank of resources to take back to the classroom, including practical experiments and IPad apps to help children's' progression.'

Client: All About STEM/Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

Brief: To deliver an engaging and educational Science show for KS3/4 pupils at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy for their Big Bang Darwen event. The 30 minute show, “Matter Matters”, provided a brief guide to how our understanding of matter has changed over the last 3000 years, and included flying fish, walking on custard, explosive gas and producing a superheated plasma with a grape and a microwave. The show was delivered in the school hall to large audiences and repeated 5 times throughout the day.

Client: Wirral Primary Schools

Brief: To provide children of the Wirral with an opportunity to have a match experience at Tranmere Rovers football club and have an insight into the lives of players.  Working with Tranmere Rovers, our schools were able to take up to 40 children along to a game free of charge, as well as watching the game seeing behind the scenes. They are on the pitch at the start to wave the players on and participate in a half time penalty shoot out.  To complement this, the schools received a visit from members of the team along with a hi-impact consultant to undertake sports science workshops.  Heart rate monitors, slow motion, and infrared cameras are used to investigate the effects of exercise to complement question and answer sessions on the healthy lifestyles required of professional athletes. Children and staff have loved the match experiences and the chance to have direct dialogue with the players. This connection with the local club has lead to a raised interest in football and sport as a spectator, with the additonal benefit of increased aspiration to participate in sport themselves.

Client: St Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School, Liverpool

Brief: To provide PPA cover and raise the profile and standard of computing across the school. We provided 2 consultants to teach the sixteen classes for 18 weeks each across the year.  The sessions were planned and differentiated specifically to the classes needs fully tracked and evaluated for each child. We provided a range of different programming activities including individually tailored on-line courses, challenging iPad activities, robot building and programming with relation to sensors, Sphero maze navigation and humanoid robot storytelling.  The whole school level of computing is improving dramatically and the children are inspired to undertake programming activities in their own time with aspirations future careers in this area.

Client: Wirral and Jersey Schools

Brief: To promote STEM learning in schools hi-impact came up with an innovative way to engage pupils in a task whilst also allowing them to channel many of the STEM subjects along the way. Pupils were tasked with creating an F1 style pit crew with the goal being the disassembly and reassembly of a Go Kart in the fastest time possible. Competing against the clock and the other teams in their school, the children had to work together concentrating not just on their manual dexterity, but on their teamwork and communication as they raced to complete their task. Throughout the day the teams focussed on their work flow, continually improving their strategy and through that, improving their times. This day was not only useful and engaging at the time, but the children and adults involved saw the long lasting benefit in their school lives and beyond.