It has been a year now and so much has changed for myself and the company. We have moved offices, taken on MORE staff and we are branching off into different markets. Another thing is that I have finished my apprenticeship scheme through "Positive Outcomes" - it has all been signed off and I am now a full time Technician for hi-impact with my own schools to look after!

Our new office has given the company a huge boost in every department as it is much brighter environment and we have a lot of brand new office equipment. It was a huge task to get everything moved as we wanted it to be structured so everything was put into the right place from the start. This was exciting for us all as some of us had not seen the new office and it was a big step for the business. Due to the amount of room we have in the office Carl came up with the idea to turn two rooms into a training and test centre. This will allow us to provide training courses and testing opportunities for third parties, as well as develop our own knowledge vastly. Having a wider knowledge in more areas will allow us to provide to a broader range of industries with our tech, media and consultancy departments. We all have had a lot of ideas for courses we can provide and when we start getting them going the office will be busier than ever. As Carl is the training centre coordinator, he has started preparing for the test centre to be up and running in the not so distant future. A lot of planning has gone into this and because he sits next to me I have seen the preparation that has gone into the rooms. I have also given him a hand with some of the structural work in the rooms with CCTV needing to be set up to monitor the test computers.

Another event that has happened since the last blog was the MIB (Merseyside Independent Business) awards. This is an event that we have attended for the past three years and have been very successful in them. This year we were nominated for best employer of the year unfortunately we did not win but we all had a great time.

So as you have seen in the intro, I have completed my apprenticeship. Although it feels like I have been a full technician for a long time, it is official now. I have signed all the paperwork to show that I have finished and will receive my certificates later in the month. Everyone in the whole company helped me along the way with all of my coursework and made it a lot simpler than I thought it would be. The coursework also helped me develop my understanding in a few other things like useful software and service add-ons etc. This has helped us find some things we can use round the office to be more effective.It has been an interesting year as I have been involved in many jobs around the company but now I can say I am officially part of the hi-impact family. 

I've always been interested in Virtual Reality and recently we have been working with Google in some of our schools to deliver virtual field trips using Google Expeditions. I am going to be demonstrating VR at our conference soon, and have been working on putting together a class kit for us to sell to schools who want to use it in their teaching.

have also been involved in some more media work since my last blog. I was asked to help out with filming eople tasting soup as we asked them questions about it. This was something different as it got me out of the office and it let me gain skills to help with the media team. The whole experience was enjoyable as I got to meet a lot of different people and find different opinions about some of our clients' products.

One last thing I want to talk about is the future, the way in which the company is going. Hi-impact is heading towards bigger things with new schools and the training that we will provide. This is going to be letting us show more people what we do and to what standard we do it. I look forward to helping the company grow and will continue to take on any challenges that we come across.