You may have read Callum's first blog a few months back when he had been with us as an apprentice for just a short while. Now, with 6 months under his belt, here's Callum's update on life at hi-impact:

Since my previous blog a lot of new and exciting things have happened at hi-impact. New members of staff, more fun, and some exciting projects that have come about from our media team.

The first point to mention is that the team keeps on expanding. We have taken on two new members of staff who will be helping the company to branch out into different areas. Carl has joined the team on the technical side along with having experience of teaching E-Safety and other workshops. Then there's Dan who has joined more recently with a focus on sales. I'm sure both will help the company grow and become great members of the team.

I have been involved with some projects that the media team have been working on. I have been out helping film for Alien Contact which is a workshop we run in multiple schools, along with preparing for a drone racing event that we are organising in the summer. After I watched videos of drone racing from America, hi-impact have decided to bring it to the Wirral. I have had discussions with both the venue and the national done racing league people, and this is one of the projects that I am more involved in as flying drones is a hobby of mine - I am looking forward to making it a fun day out for families to try out new things as well as a serious race for the pilots.

We have had an event at Tranmere Rovers displaying new and exciting things from hi-impact to the Head Teachers of our schools. I was asked if I could display some of the 360 camera and virtual reality equipment so this became a big learning curve when I had to get a YouTube video to work in 360 for people to be able to look freely around. It was all successful and I got to meet a lot of new people who we will hopefully be working with in the future.

I have also had a large involvement in Tranmere's Junior Media Team as we have been running courses before every home match. This is a different type of experience to being in a school as the children are more relaxed and the sessions aren't like a class as the children can enjoy themselves more being out of the classroom. An additional part of my Junior Media Team role is the photography sessions that I have taken part in - we meet up with the club photographer and two children get to spend the match on the sideline taking close up pictures of the players and the action. A lot of children have enjoyed this and it has made a few of the shy ones come out of their shells more. This is a great way to teach children how to take photographs whilst sometimes finding something they never knew they could enjoy so much.  

I still love working for hi-impact as I am still being given opportunities 7 months down the line. The whole team still supports me when I struggle and teach me how to deal with issues and handle problems when they arise on the technical side of things.