When I first joined hi-impact I didn't know what to expect, I was going into a job which was my first big step into the real world. Living the 9 till 5 life is known to have its downs, but not in this job.

Going into work everyday knowing something is going to be different, whether it is a new idea being discussed in the company or going to a new school is one of the biggest perks working for hi-impact. I have been here for 4 months now and still enjoy it, as I am learning new things each day and gaining more knowledge into the world of Technology. hi-impact is not all about sitting down and working on a computer, it is much more. Hi-Impact is about having a strong relationship with schools and being sure that what we provide is more than just tech support, it is being able to provide that support with the addition that the school feels like the technician is part of their team and they can speak to their technician in a way they speak to other teachers.

The first BIG thing that happened for me within the company was the Space Balloon Launch. As I have insight into flying Quad Copters I was asked to come along and take some videos of the Balloon as it was released. I did not expect to be walking round the school a few days later seeing some of the images I had captured on displays being shown off for children and parents to see.

After seeing that I had the backing of the staff in the company and they where happy to show schools some of the things I had done, I believed that my ideas would be listened to and discussed when talk to someone more senior about them.

My first solo tech visit was in Woodchurch Road, this was unexpected as I was so used to having someone with me for the day. Taking on this challenge was a worry for me but once I had been given a few jobs to do it felt like another day working for Hi-Impact. I knew that if stuck, I could ring anyone in the company and they would offer their support until the task was complete. This gave me the boost to go around the school and try to help more people out. Having a team like we do really helps to get the job done on another level.

As I had been shown a lot of what the company has to offer, I was invited to help with our Headteachers Conference. This was in the new suite at Tranmere Rovers Football Club and I was given the task to help out any teachers that looked like they wanted to know more about a product or service. So after getting a lot of questions that I had to deal with, I too had found myself learning even more than I thought I would have. I had seen the way in which Teachers see things and how they need to incorporate things into their lessons and not just have it for fun. This then let me give more ideas to other members of the team and show what they could do with them in schools.

Being festive in hi-impact is a must as on the final day of term we had an office Christmas party! Secret Santa's and Christmas jumper competitions were only part of the excitement. As it still needed to be linked into technology, we all attended a coding club by one of our own. This showed a new feature of the company that would teach children how to code. This was great as the whole team was together and enjoying a fun afternoon whilst still working on new ideas.

A couple of months down the line and I got my very first desk! My own space in the office, a place where I know I can go when I need to do things for my apprenticeship. This was then followed up with a Laptop that I could take into schools and back to the office when work needed to be done. Having these made me feel I was part of the team and not just 'the apprentice'.

Being part of hi-impact has unexpectedly re-united me with some of my old teachers. Saying that I work with one of my old teachers in the same company was something I never thought I would say and then having one of my former teachers in school scream as I reminded her who I was another big shock to me as these are the people who have been a major part of my early life and have taught me the skills I use everyday to be in this job and to help them perform their job better now!

The future for myself and hi-impact looks full of opportunities for me to develop more and the company to offer bigger and better things to everyone. From promotional videos to helping schools with the implementation of technology into the curriculum, hi-impact is not a traditional company - it wants the best for the other organisations they work with to help them become the best they can be and provide opportunities that they would not get on their own.

Next time I hope to be telling you about some exciting media work I am due to be involved with - featuring drones and 360 degree cameras!